Anonymous asked: So how do you feel meditation has helped you? I know enlightenment is a big thing, but I noticed that meditation tends to have an influence over people that varies from person to person. How do you feel it's changed/helped/influenced you?

Honestly, it has helped me in so many different ways. Just on a physical aspect, I have so much more energy, and just wake up automatically after as little as 6 hours of sleep. I used to have trouble waking up and could sleep over 12 hours easily if someone didnt force me out of bed. I had general fatigue issues (always felt tired).

Emotionally, I was in a bad state before and had a lot of resentment towards someone, and it really allowed me to have a place to release everything and I moved on from those feelings so easily and unintentionally. I just felt better with everything around me. 

I even had my friend tell me without me saying anything that I looked different and “had more light and a glow” and seemed happier, which even surprised me…

Spiritually, it just helps me be more aware of things we don’t see with our eyes but can reach with meditation. Just more understanding and flowing with life…

It’s proven to physically change brain functioning for the better, and its help physically is only the beginning. It’s just an all-round benefit for everyone, even for people who don’t care for spiritual aspects of it. 


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