steamypersiankebab: Listen, I love you in a very Whitmanesque fashion as well as your blog in a very genuine way…but I call bullshit on your aura seeing. you expect me to believe that you’re some kind of all powerful mystic?

Your comment is funny. I looked at your page a while back and saw you are an atheist, which immediately shows your disregard for anything to do with metaphysical and spiritual beliefs, so I wonder why you even follow or reblog me so much. I’m not surprised you don’t believe in things like this. But I don’t care to try to prove it to you. I don’t have any reason to make something up to anonymous people on the internet who are not even in my daily life. My blog is a complete expression of my truth. I really don’t enjoy starting internet arguments with people, it is a waste of time and energy.

Edit: Forgot to add - never said I was some kind of all powerful mystic… The blog is called ‘Soul Study’ because I am still learning and trying to understand every dimension of spirituality myself. I don’t hold myself up to a higher level or have ever told people to make a pilgrimage to me for enlightenment or advice. Lol.

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