Anonymous asked: If you had to sum up the contents of your blog in 5 words, what would they be?

I love this question! Hmmmm. I’d say: introspection, growth, spirituality, history, & alien

Alien being what I view myself as most of the time… Hahahaha. Someone who feels like their interests and fascination with just BEING HERE, in this body, requires some major learning. Just not feeling exactly like you belong, but still being happy to be different.

I am so fascinated by history, particularly very ancient history, and I share a lot of things related to that on this blog. But mainly I have a love for just anything with what early humanity creates to understand life. Divination, astrology, worship and rituals. Not that I personally do every single one, but I just love it all. It’s something that I don’t want us to forget about in the future. 


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