Material possessions have no meaning. When we die, those mere physical objects that we held value to eventually die as well. The only thing that has infinite life is the love and connection we make with one another.

When I was meditating last night, I suddenly felt a change in my environment. I saw myself  sitting in my normal meditation position, but I was floating in space and was facing the earth. The planet was huge, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. As I was watching it, I felt as if I was almost 2 “me’s”: one being the physical that was in my room on earth meditating, and the other sitting in space and observing the earth and feeling not only myself down there, but everyone as a whole. 

Needless to say it was wonderful!

How beautiful and pure is the act of meditation? It is truly everything that materialism is NOT. Anyone, no matter the amount of money they have, the culture, country, race, or class they are from, can meditate. We all have an outlet to experience a pure form of satisfaction and beauty, and it is simply from ourselves.

That is like poetry to me. 

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